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Orbit, prompted by

Orbit around the sun, warmth fills the earth.
Such a grand star, greatly taken for granted.
We assume it shall last forever, but of course it cannot.
For what things can last for all eternity?

Very, very few.

#forever #life #megan blease #orbit #poetry #sun #literature

Epic, prompted by

Epic: poem or vernacular.
I am epic; what am I?
Human or literature?

That move was so epic,
That writing was lovely.
What’s the correct definition?

#poetry #literature #minute #Megan Blease #epic

Wagon, prompted by

Back to childhood– remember that little red wagon?
Lemonade stand, transportation, the ultimate toy.
Every kid wanted one, some of them actually got it.
Shiny and new, even dirty, it was beloved.

But we grew up, didn’t we? It’s lost its appeal.
We like shiny, new things. And then they aren’t new after a while.
So what do we do? Replace them, of course.
How upsetting to know that all that is considered good is that which is new.

What world is this? When will you replace me?

#writing #poetry #wagon #childhood #Megan Blease