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Language has an infinite capacity to inspire. An extensive language possesses limitless combinations of sound, simply waiting to be formulated. That is why I am in love with English. I am fascinated by the eloquence of beautiful words and the creativity of writers- truly poets- to constantly weave new phrases from something as common as their native tongue. That is why I desperately wish to become a writer myself.

This persistent itch to create through words torments my mind. I am infected. This deep-rooted hope invades my mind constantly; perhaps even a dream or duty. It is pitiful how desperately I wish to pen words that stir a heart or encourage tears to well. Such a gift is rare and I doubt I possess such ability. Yet I toil, undeterred by my lack of confidence or failure. I must persist because this constant desire, dream, habit cannot be for nothing. This was written on a piece of scrap paper behind a cash register, for crying out loud. I am determined to transform this budding passion into reality.

Walt Disney, who inspires me greatly, once said, β€œAll our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” I will, will you?

Let not my often pointless rambling scare you away. Please, allow me to implore you to never shy away from your dreams. No matter how impossible, silly, or lackluster it may seem, pursue your dream wholeheartedly. Let the sweat drip down your face, your bones ache, the migraines force you to rest, and the trials make you stronger. If nothing else, God placed you on this Earth to follow your dreams, because placed He placed them upon your heart. Let not His creativity be wasted. Your creativity is a mere reflection of His own, so let His glory shine through you!

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The Poetic Heart

Unfortunately, I am not eloquent. Other writers can take a simple phrase and create a measure of music, a melody for all to understand. I stumble while they glide; crawl while they fly. Practice seems to help anyone improve, but talent is born into a person. Creativity delights my soul yet I cannot find much in my own mind. Perhaps my own doubt bests me but these thoughts have troubled me often. Oh well, for my insecurities should leave me soon.

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